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Dragon Blaze tips for beginners

Choose the right class

The game features five different classes that all got different abilities. The available ones are: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest and Archer. Make sure to choose the right one that fits your gaming type. If you prefer to hit your enemies from distance and or with magic spells you can choose from Archer, Mage or Priest. The ones of you that prefer close combat fights can have a try with Warrior or Rogue.

The most common picks under all of these classes are Warrior and Mage as they two got excellent ATK and DEF stats. So if you are unsure what you class you want to play choose one of these two it is never a mistake to take one of these.

dragon blaze tips

Find the most powerful Class yourself

You can see that the game has three different character slots unlocked two more can be unlocked by spending rubies. We will not have to do this the three slots should be enough. Fill each of these slots with a different character and complete like the first five to ten levels with each of them. Then continue playing with the one that made it the easiest for you to handle all the enemies.

Accept all Friends

In Dragon Blaze friends can help you a lot. You get rewarded for accepting friends with Friend Points these points can be used to summon new allies. Using 30 of these Friend Points can unlock a new ally for you through the shop using the “Normal Ally” button.

Each time you choose to get help from one of your friends in a battle you receive another 2 friend points for this. But take care to choose the higher levelled friends of yourself as they will be a better help for you. From the moment on that you have chosen the friend that will help you, a 60 second timer will count down. Once it ran out of time there is a cool down until you can ask this friend for help again.

Use better weapons and equipment

After you complete a Level you will be always rewarded with new loot sometimes it may be a sword the other time armor. If you might play a Mage at the moment and always get equipment for a Warrior do not sell this at all. Just switch the items to the inventory of your Allies and make use of the items with them.

To do this you have to go to the “Allies” tab and choose one of them. As next you have to go to “Items” which is at the left bottom of the screen and then drag the item into the right field to equip it. Equipping your complete team with the best gear you have in your inventory ensure that you will always to the maximum damage. You might beat the one or other enemy that would have beaten you otherwise.

Enhancing your good equipment with the items you do not need anymore is also very advisable. This will power up your strong gear even more and you will have even more fun beating your enemies.